10 Simple Ideas To Change The Interior Of Your Home

Do you currently feel bored to stay at home all day? If so, woodstock painting has a unique way that can make the look of your home’s interior not dull. You can try the layout and furniture to dress the atmosphere of the house. This time woodstock painting has a myriad of inspiration and simple ideas to change the interior of your home. Come on, start trying this simple idea right now. This design is straightforward to implement and will undoubtedly bring a new atmosphere to your home all.

Simple Ideas to Change Home Interiors
Under this woodstock painting, share ten simple tips to make the home interior more charming.

1. Decorate vases with unused coins. If now the coins are not used, you can use them to decorate the vases of flowers in the house.

2. Swing table. Maybe you are a little confused, but this table is perfect for you who want to have a new feel of the dining table at home.

3. Decorate the walls with Washi Tape. Because this masking tape is very flexible and has a variety of colors, then you all can use it to decorate the walls of the room.

4. Change the atmosphere with lights. Using unique decorative lights can change the atmosphere of the room in the house. So you don’t need to bother changing the decor, with the ambiance of the room the lights can look different.

5. Turn the stairs into a shoe rack. If you have folding ladders that have not been used for a long time, this can be used. You can turn it into a unique shoe rack.

6. Decorate the light bulb. This can be done together with a beloved child. Draw something on a light bulb. And when the lights turn on, interesting images will appear that make the atmosphere of the room so different.

7. Using the used window as a headboard. Not usually, the bed is under the window. But now you can try using a window that is not used as a headboard for the foundation. It must be unique.

8. Wall decoration from a spoon. You can use an old spoon dipped in oil paint and taped to the canvas for wall decoration.

9. The basket under the bed. It can be used as a storage area with a basket of rattan under the bed.

10. Utilize the bottom of the stairs as a storage room. Besides being efficient, this method is also unique.