Your Smartphone’s Charger Usage And Its Temperature Affects Its Battery

The charger is very important for smartphone users because it is used to charge smartphones. Unfortunately, most people don’t care whether the charger that is used complies with the specifications of their smartphone or not. Even though it can still be used to charge your smartphone, a charger that is not according to specifications can damage the smartphone battery. Therefore try to use the charger with the same brand as your smartphone. Aside from that, if you want to find a way to restore your dead smartphone’s battery, we recommend you to check out some Ez battery reconditioning reviews.

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However, actually, there is now a charger that can be used by all types of mobile phones, especially those with a micro USB tip so you don’t need to be confused if your original smartphone charger is damaged or lost. But there is something you need to remember to choose a charger cable that fits the specifications of your smartphone.

You should buy an original charger cable because the quality is guaranteed even though the price is quite expensive. However, if your budget is limited, you can try using a third-party charger cable that matches the specifications of your smartphone. Now many third party chargers have received official licenses from the manufacturer, so they are safe to use.

In addition, when we want to travel we rush to bring a smartphone even though the smartphone is being charged. The habit of removing the charger even though the phone is not fully charged can also cause damage to the battery. This is because in general, the batteries used on Li-Ion smartphones have a lifespan based on how much the battery is recharged. Now the more often you do the charging will also decrease the age of the battery.

Aside from that, It turns out that temperatures that are too hot can also damage your smartphone battery tablets. Hot air will increase the temperature of the engine and the smartphone battery so that the smartphone becomes damaged. Therefore, reduce the use of mobile phones outdoors, especially if exposed to direct sunlight.