This Is The Imitation Of Range Rover Car In China

Imitation cars in China are not difficult to find because in Panda the country has many car manufacturers who imitate other brands. For example, Zotye released the T900 with an identical model to the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. Now Hanlong Auto launches the Hunkt Canticie which has combined design of the Range Rover Sport and Audi SUV. However, if you only want to rent the real Range Rover car, we suggest you call the trusted range rover hire company near your area.

According to information from the Chinese car media website, Car News China, Hanlong Auto is a manufacturer based in Hubei Province, China, which offers sport SUV models that are much cheaper than the original Range Rover Sport. This model is quite in demand because it has a cool appearance. This model is like the Range Rover Sport with the HUNKT brand design with headlamps, chrome front grille, and similar rear taillights.

Matter of machinery, Chinese manufacturers do not play games even though the imitation model but a reliable kitchen runway. The engine relies on a 2.0L inline 4-cylinder turbocharger that produces a maximum output of 218hp, with a maximum speed of 185 km / h.

In the interior, the design is completely different from the Land Rover, but it has a fully digital instrument cluster, a second screen being an infotainment screen in the middle of the dashboard, and a circular knob gear on the center console.

The price of this car does offer an affordable price tag of only a quarter of the original price of the Range Rover Sport. As you can expect from a Chinese product, it is a copy of the original, it’s cheaper, but as usual, the quality will be below the original one. However, if the budget if your concern, perhaps this car suits you. However, you need to remember that the low quality might come with bad features, including the ones for the driver’s safety. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to buy this Chinese version of the Range Rover car if you have the budget to buy the original one.