5 Types Of Knee Injuries That Most Often Occur

One of the most common injuries suffered by humans is a knee injury. The knee is prone to injury because it is a complex joint with many components knee specialist los angeles. Reporting from various sources, there are about 2.5 million athletes who are injured each year. This is not a small number and has not been added by amateur athletes or people who only do sports as a hobby. At present, knee specialist los angeles has many patients from various backgrounds because they can provide solutions for knee injuries .

The treatment itself also varies, ranging from simple actions to require surgery. For those of you who like to move and exercise, understand this frequent knee injury to avoid it as much as possible. Here are some forms of injury that often occurs in the human knee.

1. Sprains in the form of aches and pains when moved
Sprains occur when ligaments or connective tissue in the knee are injured. Ligaments function to protect bones and joints. In addition, it also functions to facilitate movement. That is why ligaments are flexible and flexible.

Sprains usually occur when landing incorrectly. It usually happens when you do basketball or soccer. The symptoms caused are redness and pain when walking.

2. Dislocation or incorrect position of the knee bone
A dislocation occurs when the knee bone is not in place, either partially or completely. One example is when the femur and shin are out of their original position. In a normal knee structure, dislocations occur due to falls, motorcycle accidents, and extreme sports. Usually, it takes handling in the form of surgery to restore its position.

3. Broken Bones due to hard impact
Broken bones usually occur after experiencing extraordinary collisions, such as falls, blows, to accidents. Meanwhile, broken bones are bones of the kneecap. This injury is one of the most fatal because it needs to get serious medical treatment in the form of surgery.

4. Painful knee pad cushion injuries
Knee joints or meniscus play a role to prevent the knee from colliding. In addition, to avoid knee bone friction with the surrounding bone. This injury is common because the knee joint pads hit hard enough to tear. As a result, you will feel pain, stiffness, and swelling.

5. Syndrome knee pain due to often move the joint
Knee pain syndrome occurs because the knee is used too often to cause pain. Usually occurs because of too long-running or cycling. This pain will you feel around or behind the knee. The pain will get worse if you move it. However, the pain can be relieved by adequate rest.