The Importance Of Device Insurance

Consumer protection is reflected in, among others, the guarantees of product warranties, including cellphones. In the event of damage to a cellphone originating from the manufacturer, the buyer is entitled to a free after-sales service, if it is still within the warranty period. But if the reason for cell phone damage is due to something unexpected, then the cost of repairs will not be covered by the warranty. So if you drop your cellphone for example, or fall into the water, just get ready to spend your own money to fix it, even at an official service center and even though it is still under warranty. Well, for those of you who feel the chance of unexpected events above is greater, because for example, more frequent activities outside the room, can try a cell phone insurance offered by the and the Risk Insure.

Same as regular insurance on someone’s health, if there is damage to your mobile phone that has been insured, the insurance will cover the cost of repairs, as much as 80 percent of the official selling price. This product was launched to answer the needs of the community, who cannot be separated from smartphones every day. This Insurance Product was launched to eliminate public concerns about the risk of loss and damage to smartphones. The society is very agile. Today is a busy meeting at the office, the weekend was diving on some island. Imagine not if their smartphone threw in the sea or even lost? It must have been a headache and had not enjoyed the holiday.

In this case, protection from insurance can cover the risk of total damage resulting from accidents or risk of loss due to theft and or robbery. Starting from protection against loss due to theft, robbery or robbery and also protects from physical damage due to falling, bumping, cracked screens, damage due to liquids or splashing and other accidents. Extra protection as a complement to this guarantee makes it easy for people to be able to repair their favorite gadgets without having to go to an official service center, which has been a consumer obstacle related to distance and service time.