Be Careful, Incorrectly Installing Car Batteries Can Damage the ECU

Just like other components in the car, the battery also needs to be replaced with a new one if it no longer works normally. It is recommended to buy a car battery at a customer repair shop or an official battery shop. We recommend that when purchasing a mechanic repair shop to pair a new battery and remove the old one. But if you already feel confident you can install it yourself at home you should be careful. Because just a little wrong can damage the ECU so that performance is not optimal. In addition, if you want to read EZ battery reconditioning reviews, you can visit our website.

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At least there are some things that need attention. If you are going to install a car battery so as not to damage the ECU. If you want to install a new battery in a state of a car engine, it should be done quickly, not to more than 20 seconds. So instead when the car engine is on. The car started with a note that he can still start. After that the positive and negative terminals are removed, with the condition of the car’s engine running. But car accessories like air conditioners, audio, and lights must be off. Installation of batteries from removable to insert new ones for approximately 10 to 20 seconds, not too long.

Since the engine of a living car should not be too long without a battery, Muksin suggested that installation should not be done alone. Usually done by two people if you want to be safe, but if you are an expert can be one person. So what if installing the battery in the condition of the car’s engine dies or is not turned on? A little inconvenient, because car owners must provide jumper cables and cars that have normal batteries. So there must be a jumper battery, give positive to negative and negative to negative jumper cables then the battery can be removed so the current will definitely standby.