Finding The Cause Of Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common and usually goes away on its own after the cause activity is found and stopped knee specialist los angeles. The most important thing to do is find the cause before calling knee specialist los angeles, especially if activities such as brisk walking or jogging have just begun. Knee pain at a young age is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and a lack of nutrition for bones and joints. Pain is a feeling that arises due to damaged tissue in a part of the body. Generally, arthritis is experienced by many elderly groups who begin to experience the aging process. But knee pain also often strikes individuals with high activity levels, such as athletes or people who put a lot of strain on their knees.

Pain in the knee is called osteoarthritis, this type of disease is a disturbance of the balance of cartilage metabolism with structural damage. Cartilage or commonly called joint cartilage is a network consisting of cells and fibers that cover the matrix in the knee. Meanwhile, osteoarthritis most often occurs due to sustaining excess weight. Other causes of pain in the knee are caused by the release of chemical mediators called kinin and prostaglandins that cause arthritis, stretching of tendons or ligaments and spasms of extra-articular muscles due to excessive work. Especially for a productive age, pain in the knee will be very disturbing and hinder various activities.

There are several reasons why knee pain occurs at a young age such as doing heavy activities. Young age is indeed a productive period where doing heavy activities such as climbing stairs, running or lifting weights. These strenuous activities can make knee pain at a young age appear if done for a long period. Sports is also the cause of knee pain at a young age is exercise. This activity is the most common among teenagers with the aim of training muscles, joints, and burning fat. However, if done excessively or not balanced with adequate rest, it will change the goals of the sport itself. Some people who are overweight, especially teenagers, will prone to knee pain. When the knee continues to be forced to hold the existing weight, then the risk of paralysis in the joints.