There Are Some Causes Of Negative Energy At Home

As a place to always go home, no mistake if the house is said to be the expansion of the owner’s personality. Because it has an essential role, a sense of comfort and positive energy that is always present. Therefore, expel the negative energy that is lodged in the house you definitely want to do. First, the identification of vibes must be confirmed first, then only to find a solution to eliminate the negative energy. However, if you can’t find any source of negative energy at home despite strange things that happen there, we suggest you try to remove black magic right away.

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Here are some causes of negative energy at home:

Air exchange is not smooth

Let the house breathe through smooth air exchange. Not only pay attention to the vents to keep them clean but also do not open the window and let negative energy come out. This air exchange will bring new air at home and give you peace.

Damaged objects

Leaving broken objects in the house is bad feng shui. That’s because damaged goods usually contain negative energy because the function is not optimal. So, you should repair or even discard damaged objects that can not be repaired to cause a different mood at home.

Unused goods

Yes, there is a reason behind the relief after cleaning the house. By rearranging the place and cleaning it, indirectly, you have expelled negative energy from the residence. Energy usually settles in goods, especially old goods.

Based on the type of energy, they may physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually block your path to progress. When you let old things pile up, there will be no room for new opportunities.

Bad odor

Reduces mood, unpleasant odors at home, in addition to a den of disease, is also a source of negative energy. Instead of being uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to prevent or overcome unpleasant odors by checking the source of the scent.

After the main cause of the unpleasant odor has been overcome, you can light aromatherapy candles to create a new atmosphere at home. Choose the scent that brings calm so that the sense of comfort returns.