The Right Saw For Your Projects

Saws are tools used to cut objects, such as wood, plywood, pipes, iron or other objects. Saws are one of the mandatory carpentry tools. The shape of the saw is generally small jagged with sharp edges on both sides. This tool is of a traditional type or manual and also modern, which is how to use it more quickly and efficiently. Different materials turned out to be different types of saws as well. Therefore we must choose the right type of saw and click here so that the work is more optimal. Saw has a distinctive noise, especially when rubbing against objects or tree wood. You need to know the type of saws and get the right one for your projects.

1. A band saw. Saws with a fairly high size. Have pulleys at the top and bottom of the cutting table to move the belt or continuous tape. This belt has fine teeth that can cut the workpiece. This saw is very suitable for cutting with complicated curves. But only limited to a depth of a few inches. Suitable for wood, tube, pipe and PVC cutting work. This saw is also suitable for making thin cuts on the edges of the workpiece. But it must require patience and accuracy so that the maximum cutting results. The other one is a portable band saw. This machine is a small version of a band saw (stationary). This machine can do some of the same work as a band saw (stationary). The advantage of this saw is that it can be carried or moved easily.

2. Chainsaw. As the name implies, this chainsaw uses a chain that contains ripping teeth for the cutting process. This saw is included in the band saw category. Saws are generally used for woodworking as in falling trees. There is also a mini version of a chainsaw. This saw is designed for light cutting. Because of its small size, it is lighter than the ordinary chainsaw.

3. Flooring saw. As the name implies there is the wood flooring that comes from the word floor means floor. This type of saw is indeed placed on the floor so this is the plus point because you don’t need the hassle to move this Flooring Saw. Flooring Saw is commonly used to cut various building materials, such as ceramics.