Arrange Layout Of Goods In The Mini Warehouse

The main thing that must be considered in the planning of storage space in a 迷你 倉 is the area of ​​reception and storage of goods. Here are some considerations that must be considered in making these plans, you can visit, namely:

1. Goods Receiving Area
There is no specific area size for this area. Many factors need to be considered in determining this area, including The type and size of the vehicle in the loading and unloading process, the area for sorting & quality control of goods/products and if needed a special area for quarantine. The benefit of structuring the reception area is flexibility in the use of human resources and equipment. But there is also a drawback, namely the increased risk of congestion if loading and unloading activities must take place at the same time.

2. Storage of goods
Make sure the area of ​​space to be used following the characteristics of the goods, adjust to the temperature, humidity. How to store goods must have the right distance between items and provide space for direct access to goods so that it is easier to retrieve goods, especially if when taking goods requires special equipment such as forklifts, stairs, etc.

3. Goods Delivery Area
Similar to the area of ​​receipt of goods, the type and size of vehicles that will transport goods will determine whether a special place is needed that allows the vehicle to enter the warehouse to carry out the process of loading goods or a special place for loading of goods outside the warehouse. Besides the equipment needed for handling goods is determined by the characteristics of the product. If the goods to be sent can be directly loaded into the vehicle, the required area is not too large or smaller than if the goods must be stored in the shipping area before being transported to the vehicle.

4. Goods Flow and Warehouse Layout
The purpose of defining the flow and layout in a warehouse is to streamline the efficiency of goods. Things to consider are:
• The layout of space for activities in the warehouse
• Location of physical storage of goods.
As much as possible the movement of goods must achieve continuous movement through a process and minimize travel distance from one stage to the next.